As a growing brand, eShun looks out to support causes that address some pertinent humanitarian issues such as achieving the SDGs, and with her music, add to the voices of advocacy and call to action for solutions especially toward the good of women, children, the youth and the most vulnerable in our society.


eShun supported Autism Compassion Africa Centre (ACAC) at Ola in Cape Coast - Ghana with learning materials, assorted drinks and bottled water to help the children with Autism.


eShun was invited as one of 4 seasoned musicians for the #iBelong Campaign held in Dakar, Senegal where she composed and performed a song to create awareness to the very sensitive issue of statelessness and the need for governments to safeguard persons by acceding to the UN Conventions on Statelessness and rectifying their laws on nationality. A campaign by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees- Africa that seeks to end statelessness. There, she was named High-Level Supporter after proving her interest and commitment to this global issue. 

Since she started her professional music career, she has been using a social media platforms and radio and television interviews to educate women on Breast Cancer and the importance of drinking more water especially for women and the youth who are mainly her target audience.

eShun's third Single YOLO was adopted and used as the theme song for a television series YOLO produced by FarmHouse Production. This programme is funded by National Population Authority and UK Aid in partnership with Ghana Education Service, Ghana Health Service and Ghana National Youth Authority. YOLO is a show dedicated to the young adults of Ghana and beyond. YOLO (you only live once) seeks to advise and inform the youth about diverse issues pertaining to puberty, HIV & AIDS, Teenage pregnancy and other social and cultural influences during adolescence.

eShun organized a clean-up and stop littering campaign to create awareness on the importance of resident of Cape Coast to stop littering themed ‘eShun and Celebs Stop Littering Street Walk’. She delivered a statement after the event on her observation about the lack of Public Waste Bin in the whole of the principal street of Cape Coast which drew the attention of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly to react. All of these done to prove her love for advocacy of the good of society.


eShun in collaboration with Gold Coast Medical Foundation, a health NGO based in the USA, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Radio Central and Amisano Catholic Parish embarked on a free medical screening exercise and health talk residents of Amisano and its environs. eShun and her team also paid a visit to Ankaful Maximum Prisons to interact with inmates and to provide support and logistics to the newly opened clinic inside the prisons. She also composed a song and performed it during Radio Television Personality Awards 2016 to promote peaceful elections 2016.







About eShun


Music lovers and industry observers across Africa have predicted with excitement that, eShun is on her way to becoming Africa’s Next Biggest Female Singer and Songwriter. At the tender age of 13, eShun started performing as a soloist in a Junior Gospel Choir. The extremely talented eShun has evolved from a Reality Show Star to a Superstar Songstress. Her vocal range makes her completely stand out from her peers. She sings from the heart with passion and flare that is unmatched and incomparable. When you hear her music, you can literally hear her soul sing. 


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