In an interview with Jayne Buckman-Owoo of Graphic Showbiz, eShun said, in the next five years, she sees herself doing collaborations with Drake and Stevie Wonder.  The Songstress describes her sound as "Urban Afro" with a dash of pop and New Age Highlife. She says her sound changes depending on how she feels and who she's working with.

Her tagline is “Inspiring the World with music for the hearts and minds”. This she explains to Greg Mingles of Ghana Television that, “I want my songs to inspire people to greater heights. I want the sad to be happy after listening my song; I want the depressed to be encouraged and lifted.” That is the motivation for my songs not the money. 

In another interview, eShun cited Kojo Antwi, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Meiway and Miriam Makeba as her key musical influences, stating that she was into R&B and highlife growing up. 


About eShun


Music lovers and industry observers across Africa have predicted with excitement that, eShun is on her way to becoming Africa’s Next Biggest Female Singer and Songwriter. At the tender age of 13, eShun started performing as a soloist in a Junior Gospel Choir. The extremely talented eShun has evolved from a Reality Show Star to a Superstar Songstress. Her vocal range makes her completely stand out from her peers. She sings from the heart with passion and flare that is unmatched and incomparable. When you hear her music, you can literally hear her soul sing. 


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