These days your passion is fading

You don't even call me honey at all

Alo boni ona nii ele bɛ biɛ jor

These days entokwa ni ensɛm pii

Honey you're flirting behind me

The pain of me losing you bites me

Baby why me 


Them say you say na so I dey

Am not sure what I am hearing

Some say u say, some say you talk say you sabi where I dey 


Now you out of control and I wanna know what has gotten over you

Cos every time that you need me baby I'll be here for you.




It's as simple as ABC

I love you 2X

I love you boy

Doesn't matter what people say

I love you 3X

I love you boy



Eyo eShun

Some how you right

But then you wrong

Me marki ah me ma Wo 50 percent

Cos wanna love can never fade away

Even when we are gone

Romeo and Juliet do


Ewomu sɛ nansɛy

Mi nieɛ Asi sa Me pon adwumaa minba entɛm da Meba na wada na me duani Anyiya

Yesi me wɔ mpina

Nti ama trust ah wu wɔ ma chedishi man no Nyinara ayira Yeah, Odo meti wasi

Brɛ a me bre nyinaa

Yɛ daatsi nti

Meka I love you tsirɛ Wo kraa Adi Afi

But menim sɛ aduro Akora nu mpɛ aa

Obɛ fi

Nti minma niduru June/July Sa pontsirɛ ni no abɛ ka woor

Fiti endɛ kor dabiaa me bo Wo Odo Nkomo

Nie amu din wo mpa so abi you know

Wobu weni tsirɛ me sɛ kosuaa metsi Wawi odo

Wo nim nie meeka dida nti

Nma minyɛ long cos





It's as simple as ABC

I love you 2X

I love you boy

Doesn't matter what people say

I love you 3X

I love you boy 



Awo Nye lɔlɔtɔ errr 

Mega wɔm nenema oo Ebe ya gba dzi nam errr 


Lɔlɔ va gba dzi nam ma errr 



About eShun


Music lovers and industry observers across Africa have predicted with excitement that, eShun is on her way to becoming Africa’s Next Biggest Female Singer and Songwriter. At the tender age of 13, eShun started performing as a soloist in a Junior Gospel Choir. The extremely talented eShun has evolved from a Reality Show Star to a Superstar Songstress. Her vocal range makes her completely stand out from her peers. She sings from the heart with passion and flare that is unmatched and incomparable. When you hear her music, you can literally hear her soul sing. 


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