Tap Water in Cape Coast is undrinkable – eShun

The Meye Hit maker, eShun, has described the water running through taps of some residents in Cape Coast as unfit for washing less to talk about drinking. According to her, the water is brown in outlook with some particles in it.

“I have been in Cape Coast for some time now and every time I fetch water from the taps and put it down for just about an hour, the dirt I find in the water is scary”, ” eShun, the Glo X-Factor 1st runner up explained.

The sensational Afro-pop and Urban Highlife singer says, she has been in Cape Coast for some time now and has learnt it has been like that for a long time now. “I just don’t understand why that is the case and nothing has been done about it?” she quizzed.

As Ghana joins the rest of the world in marking World Water Day, eShun, encouraged people to drink more water because of its importance to the body and our health, “I am a proof that drinking more water keeps your body healthier and stronger. Again it is the cheapest means of keeping oneself from getting sick.”


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Eshun launches website

In today’s digital age, the need to boost brands via social media and other online media cannot be over-emphasized. In line with this, Afro pop and Urban Highlife singer, Eshun has embraced the world of technology with the launch of her website, www.eshunonline.com on Tuesday. In an interview with Showbiz, the Dance With my Father hitmaker said the decision to launch her personal website is to get closer to her fanbase and keep them abreast of developments in her career. 

“My website will have all the relevant information my fans need to know about me, such as my biography, concerts and event dates and venues among others,” she said.

Eshun, full name, Ethel Esi Eshun, said the website will also project her brand onto the international scene. “I am aware that my music is highly popular in neighbouring countries like Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya but my fans there obviously do not have an easy access to me as those in Ghana. 

The website will make it easier for them to reach out and connect with me and vice versa,” she added. Eshun informed Showbiz that she was committed to the cause of creating awareness among women about breast cancer and its related issues. 

According to her, the campaign dubbed No Way 2 Breast Cancer is a personal crusade since her aunt died as a result of the disease.

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eShun strengthens father-child relation with ‘Dance with Daddy'

That children relate better with their mothers than their fathers is a truism and has been a big subject for discussion on a lot of platforms. eShun in her new highlife song seeks to address this issue to ensure there is respect and cordial relationship between children and their fathers.

In the song ‘Dance with Daddy’ featuring Kofi Bentil of the legendary Western Diamonds Band and produced by Aphari Soundz inside the University of Cape coast, she also projected the roles of fathers and urged that their effort and responsibility in the development of a child is being recognized by society.

Eshun is a talented and beautiful singer-songwriter with a gift of connecting with a wide range of audiences. Her unique approach to melodies, stunning vocals is gradually capturing the attention of audiences in Ghana and beyond.

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eShun won’t fade away

Despite the daunting challenges she has been encountering in her bid to make it in the Ghanaian music industry, fast rising songstress, Eshun Ethel, who goes by the stage name eShun, says that she is here to stay and ready to surmount all challenges that may come her way. In an interview with Showbiz, eShun acknowledge there have been numerous female artistes who have been famous for a brief period only to quickly fade away but she was determined not to be one of them.

“It’s been a challenge getting to where I am currently but considering the years it has taken and effort and sacrifice I have had to put into my career, there is no way I will allow myself to simply fade away,” the Afro Pop and Highlife artiste said. eShun said one of her biggest sacrifice has been having to give up her privacy. “When I initially begun,  I was very scared especially since I had to put myself in the public eye. I had to get over the fact that most of my personal issues would be a matter of public interest and people would be interested in my business,” she added.

She also revealed that there was a noticeable lack of support from the established artistes in the area of collaboration and features. “Artistes such as Reggie Rockstone, VVIP, D-Black have really been helpful and very supportive however the financial demands of some of the established artistes makes it almost impossible for emerging talents to work with them,” she said.

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eShun takes a bold step

Having participated in three major music reality shows, Ethel Esi Eshun, aka eSHUN is now ready to take the music industry by storm.  First, it was Mentor Season Five where she made it to the final and came out fourth. Then in 2011, she entered the MTN Project Fame in Nigeria where 19 contestants from across Africa took part. eSHUN was one of two Ghanaians who participated and she ended up in the final six.

eSHUN almost hit the jackpot two years ago when she came out second in the Glo X-Factor where Nigeria’s DJ Switch took the ultimate. “I think I was cheated because I should have won; I did extremely well in that competition,’’ she told Showbiz.

According to the 22 year-old radio presenter of Radio Central, TV3’s Mentor prepared her for Project Fame because it was the first time she was playing with a live band.

Now that all is over, eSHUN is ready to show the world what she has up her sleeves and she has done that with the release of two singles, Meye and Dance with Daddy.

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About eShun


Music lovers and industry observers across Africa have predicted with excitement that, eShun is on her way to becoming Africa’s Next Biggest Female Singer and Songwriter. At the tender age of 13, eShun started performing as a soloist in a Junior Gospel Choir. The extremely talented eShun has evolved from a Reality Show Star to a Superstar Songstress. Her vocal range makes her completely stand out from her peers. She sings from the heart with passion and flare that is unmatched and incomparable. When you hear her music, you can literally hear her soul sing. 


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