After successfully representing Ghana at Senegal for the Statelessness campaign supported by UNHCR, the silky voiced, eShun has been promoted as a high level supporter for United Nations High commissioner of refugees 'Statelessness' campaign. This promotion will surely establish eShun as one of  Ghana's most iconic young artiste  who is contributing to the growth of Africa and the world.

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eShun storms Saltpond with her electrifying performance

Ghanaian adorable songstress eShun known in real life as Ethel Esi Eshun last Friday 25th August, thrilled audience at Millers Square in Saltpond during the Odombea Festival 2017, a program organized by James Korsah Brown.

The silky voiced eShun put up an electrifying performance to entertain her fans present at the venue. eShun is one artiste who has arguably disabused the perception that female musicians are dull on stage. She is noted as a musician who carries herself on stage in terms of attitude and dressing when performing. She is an energetic performer with a powerful voice and always gets her transitions right.

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eShun – Simple As ABC featuring Cabum Lyrics





These days your passion is fading

You don't even call me honey at all

Alo boni ona nii ele bɛ biɛ jor

These days entokwa ni ensɛm pii

Honey you're flirting behind me

The pain of me losing you bites me

Baby why me 

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New Song: eShun featuring Cabum - Simple As ABC

The perfect love story - The son of a legend, Cabum da Chedeshi and Africa’s Next Biggest Legend in the making, eShun stir up all kinds of emotions as they say those sweet three words "I love you” in public and don't even care who's listening! Would you be disappointed if we told you it's a song we've been talking about all along? If you would, then you either haven't heard it or you have fallen in love with the song so much you wish the fantasy is actually a reality. Unsung Artiste of the Year nominee at the VGMAs, eShun and rapper Cabum team up perfectly to create arguably the most beautiful love song of all – Simple As ABC.

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eShun's Amazing Performance with Music Legend Yvonne Chaka Chaka

“She can sing!” “Oh she can sing!” Yvonne Chaka Chaka iterated again and again during her duet with eShun at the African Legend’s Night 2016. How vertiginous this past year has been for the fast-rising singer and songwriter eShun who delivered a stirring performance with the highly respected South African music legend Yvonne Chaka Chaka?

eShun, one of Ghana’s most powerful and passionate voices, arrived on the music scene last year and continues to maintain a strong presence.

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About eShun


Music lovers and industry observers across Africa have predicted with excitement that, eShun is on her way to becoming Africa’s Next Biggest Female Singer and Songwriter. At the tender age of 13, eShun started performing as a soloist in a Junior Gospel Choir. The extremely talented eShun has evolved from a Reality Show Star to a Superstar Songstress. Her vocal range makes her completely stand out from her peers. She sings from the heart with passion and flare that is unmatched and incomparable. When you hear her music, you can literally hear her soul sing. 


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